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Rashoodz Re-usable Swim Nappy Nicely Navy



Category: Baby Boy
Gender: Boys & Girls Boys Girls 
Age Range: 0-12 months 1-2 years 



Rashoodz Re-usable Swim Nappy for baby and toddler, boys and girls. No other nappy required! Keeps in number 1s and number 2s! What happens in the swim nappy, stays in the swim nappy. UPF50 plus.

How does it work?

Rashoodz baby swim nappies have a polyurethane lining acts as a barrier that holds the wee and poo from going into the water while swimming. The drawstring allows the nappy to be fit correctly so there are no leaks. The gathered leg acts as a barrier for leaking out the side. Flush down the loo what is left in the nappy at the end of swimming and wash in the washing machine for use again next time. 

Stop wasting money on disposables  - NEVER waste money on disposable swim nappies again! Buy a small pack of disposables for over 15 dollars or never worry about harming the environment or your hip pocket again.

Nicely Navy

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