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Rashoodz Long Sleeve Swimsuit & Hat Set Nautical Mischief



Category: Baby Boy
Gender: Boys & Girls Boys Girls 
Age Range: 0-12 months 1-2 years 3-5 years 



Rashoodz most popular design, Nautical Mischief Long Sleeve Swimsuit and Hat Set.
The Hat is attached to the swimsuit with clips to keep the neck protected from the sun and to keep the hat on the head while in the pool or ocean. If you need to take the hat off, its simple, rip off the clips and it comes free. In addition to this, nightmare beach nappy changes can be a thing of the past with the clips in our Rashoodz rash suit crotch.
Rashoodz is Australian owned and designed.This particular material is high in chlorine resistance which has an incredibly soft feel, great for babies skin.
Most importantly it will delight all the nautical lovers. You won't have trouble spotting your child in a crowded pool or beach in this outfit! This Rashoodz stands out in its stunning bold red stripes.
Fantastic Quality and fun and adorable looking. Nothing could be better - UPF50 , Attached Hat with Clips, Clips in crotch for easy nappy changes. Extra-long sleeves so it keeps your little loved babies even more protected.
If you want to make your life even easier, buy a matching swim nappy and save $$ on it being reusable.

Navy and Red/White Stripe

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